• As a nanny or household assistant, you give so much more than just your time. You devote a piece of yourself to the family you work for, which is why we only represent families who will respect the amazing care and love you give, and treat you as an integral part of their parenting team.

    We only match you with families we think you’ll click with. That’s why we take the time to get to know your personality, values, skills, and aspirations – before we introduce you to any families. Then we match you with potential families based on the in-home interviews we conduct with them, the compatibility questionnaires you’ll both take, and our intuition about which families you’ll feel a connection with. Once we know exactly what you’re looking for, we can find you a position that fits your unique skill set AND allows you to feel secure, supported, and satisfied in your work.

  • We hear over and over from the nannies and household assistants we work with that the level of personal service we provide is unparalleled. We show our dedication by providing you unconditional support throughout your entire job-seeking process; we won’t stop until you are completely satisfied with your new position.

    The nannies we represent are always grateful for the constant support, care, and respect we give them. [Check out Kudos to see what CareWorks nannies and household managers have to say about our service]

  • After more than 20 years of matching nannies with their perfect families, we know that the surest way to success is to empower our nannies to make good choices for themselves. Of course, we’re there to help you along the way. Not sure what type of position you’re looking for? We can help you define your interests. Have questions about interviewing with families? We have advice for you. Worried about negotiating wages? We do it for you.

    During the interview process, we stay in close contact to relay feedback between you and the families you’ve met, so that you always know where you stand. Once you’ve found the right family,  we’ll act as your representative and negotiate on your behalf until you are satisfied with every aspect of their offer.

    We never pressure you: Instead, we will be there to listen carefully to your ideas, address your concerns, and answer any questions you may have, so that you can confidently make choices that are best for you.

  • Because your success is our primary goal, we are always available for ongoing support as you transition into working with a family. Looking for play dates? Have a question about your position?  We can help you.

    As your relationship with your family grows and evolves, the support you need will likely change as well. We’ll continue to be a resource you can call on. Whether you are seeking a new position, or simply looking for further support, we will be here to offer our best advice and support in moving your career forward.

  • We can’t say it enough: We’re here for you. Above all, we want you to be happy and successful. Fill out our Nanny Preference Profile now to discover the difference that our personal support makes.


“You helped make the whole process amazingly smooth and stress free.”

-Michel-Jean S.


      At this point, you may be excited to start hearing about the families we are representing. However, you won’t find family profiles or public job listings on our website. Why not? We only want you to meet the families that are going to be a good match for you, and our pool of families who are looking for care changes on a daily basis. In general, we work with families who are seeking to hire:

Nanny educators
Family assistants
Household managers
Doulas and baby nurses
Mother’s helpers
Before/after school nannies
Summer nannies

Don’t worry if you’re not quite sure where you fit in! We’ll work with you personally to define your preferences and find the right family to fit them.

We understand how important it is for you to find your dream job – which is why we will work with you personally to define your preferences and then help you find the ideal position to fit them.

Please take a moment to complete our Nanny Preference Profile to start the process of finding your perfect position.

  • If you are considering becoming a nanny, you already know how rewarding it is to work with a child. Working with a child in a home setting is unlike any other child care position; you have the opportunity to create unique and meaningful experiences for the child in your care that cannot be achieved in any other setting. Nannies enjoy the freedom to plan fun outings and home-based activities that focus on the interests of the child, and can provide the kind of support to a family that will allow them to spend more time together. As a nanny, you become an integral part of a parenting team, forming a close bond with the children in your care, while helping to strengthen the family as a whole.

  • No, many of our most sought-after candidates have backgrounds in teaching, counseling, nursing, or other child-related fields. Your unique set of skills is what will make you a desirable candidate to your perfect family. As long as you have experience working with children and are passionate about their development, we are happy to represent you. Many of our nanny candidates have taken various levels of Early Childhood Education courses and have decided that being a nanny is their ultimate career.  Others are college graduates who have decided to work for a year or two before continuing their education. Others may have raised their own children and want to help another family raise theirs. Regardless of background, they all share a deep commitment to children.

  • We take care of the details for you. We know that you can fill out an application online and begin to hear from perspective families almost immediately. While this may seem like a benefit at first, in the long run it’s time-consuming, inefficient, and easily overwhelming. You are on your own to select, screen, interview, and negotiate with the families who contact you, all without expert support or a guarantee that you will be happy with your eventual arrangement. With CareWorks, we take care of everything for you, so you don’t waste time or energy meeting families that won’t be a good match.

    CareWorks provides access to a more exclusive pool of families who have all been screened and interviewed by us personally. We have met with all of the families we work with, been to their homes, and have ensured that the environment is appropriate for you and the children in your care. Because we are so thorough, we often know more details about a family’s situation than they may provide online or up-front to a potential employee. And because our families have made the choice to use an agency, they are willing to invest time and money into finding someone who fits their family perfectly. That’s the kind of fit you deserve as well.

    We advocate for you, so you get everything you deserve. Because families who post jobs online can easily misrepresent wage information, nannies who respond to these profiles often end up in unsatisfactory arrangements. They may be promised a future raise that they never see, or be paid hourly instead of in a guaranteed wage. They may not be offered paid holidays, sick pay, or other benefits. Some families simply don’t know how to do taxes appropriately, and their nanny may end up holding the bill. At CareWorks, we won’t let any of this happen to you. We negotiate for you until you are completely happy with your arrangement, we advocate for your rights as an employee, and we make sure all expectations are made explicit in writing, so you can be confident with the decision you’re making.

  • At CareWorks, you won’t find unscreened job listings or vague family profiles to search through. Why not? Because we know that finding the perfect family is about more than just where they live or how old their children are. We take the time to really get to know you so we can match you personally with only the families who will truly value the unique skills you have to offer. In the long run, this saves you time and energy!

  • A nanny candidate with good qualifications will have many opportunities.  Because there are so many families looking for nannies, you can likely find the right family very quickly. We can arrange a personal interview within a day or two of receiving your application, and then begin to review and evaluate possible families on your behalf almost immediately. The process of interviewing with families and making a decision can happen soon after. During this time you can meet with as many families as you need to find the perfect fit.

  • Because we know all of your personal preferences, we can often predict who is going to be your best match on the first try. Some nannies appreciate that, but others might need to meet a range of possible families in order to feel completely confident in their choice. We can accommodate either style. Most nannies meet between one and five families before they find “the one”. We never pressure nannies into making a decision before they are ready, and we are happy to work with you for as long as it takes!

  • We have no minimum time commitment; we just need to know what you are comfortable with, and then we will gear our search to fit your needs. Typically though, most families are seeking nannies who can provide at least a one year commitment. Beyond the first year, the average length of employment varies based on the family’s needs. If you are willing to evolve and adapt to a family’s changing needs, it is often possible to have a relationship of several years.

  • There is no “typical” nanny schedule, but full-time nannies generally work 40-50 hours per week.  Part-time nannies typically work 15-35 hours per week in any combination of hours and days.

  • Salaries vary depending on the experience and education level of the nanny and the complexity of the job description. You tell us what you need, and we will only introduce you to families that can meet your requests. We will help you and the family reach a fair and appropriate compensation package that you are happy with.

  • We know that your focus is on taking care of others, and that it can often be difficult to advocate for yourself. That’s why we negotiate with the family on your behalf. We want you to concentrate on finding the right family – and we’ll concentrate on making sure you are happy with the offer. We will be your liaison to help work through all of the details until you are satisfied with every aspect of the final agreement.

  • Hourly pay means that you are only paid when you work. If you are scheduled to work 40 hours, but for some reason the family needs you for less time, you won’t get paid your expected wage. This can greatly reduce your overall income over the course of a year, especially if the family is regularly getting care from other sources (relatives, after-school programs, etc.).

     We strive to make sure that you have a guaranteed wage. With a guaranteed wage, you will always be paid your expected wage. If you typically work 40 hours but the family is on vacation, you will still be paid for 40 hours. If grandma is in town and is watching the kids, you are still paid your wage. We know how important these details are to your livelihood, that’s why we take great care in negotiating all of them to get you what you deserve.

  • We know how important it is to have time off to refresh and recharge, as well as how critical it is not to have any interruption in your typical monthly wage. We encourage every family we work with to include paid time off benefits such as national holidays and vacation pay in your contract. Many families offer additional sick pay and personal days.

     When you are hired, you become an employee of the family, and they are obligated to report your wages and withhold and pay all appropriate taxes. We help them understand their obligations so you don’t have to worry about it.

     Additionally, many of our families offer a stipend toward the cost of health insurance. Because health care benefits can be paid in pre-tax dollars, including a health care stipend can be a money-saving opportunity for all. Sound complicated? Don’t worry, we’ll work with you and the family to figure out what’s best for everyone involved.

  • No, you do not pay any fee to be represented by CareWorks. All fees are paid by the family.

  • No, CareWorks is a consultation and referral service. You become the employee of the family, and you are paid directly by them.

  • Yes. In order to start the relationship off on the right foot, we believe having all expectations in writing is the way to go. We will create an employment agreement that details your job description, responsibilities, schedule, salary, and benefits. It has been our experience that the best way to ensure everyone is happy and has the same expectations is to put all of the details in writing. We hope that things go so well in your relationship that you never need to look at the contract, but in case questions do come up, you will have a written document to refer to. And we are always available to help you sort through the details.

  • Call us! We are always available for ongoing support. Whether you need guidance through a difficult situation or referrals to play dates, we are happy to help. We love hearing from you, and we are happy to support you in any way that we can.

  • The first step in finding your perfect position is to tell us a little more about yourself. Our Nanny Preference Profile gives us an idea of what you’re looking for in a position, and what you have to offer to a potential family. Once you fill it out, we can start looking for your perfect match!


They appreciate the special care we take in listening to their needs…

…the ease with which we find them a position…

… and the continued personal support we give them.

Most importantly, they are thrilled with their new dream positions!


I founded CareWorks over 20 years ago after my own frustrating, stressful, and time-consuming experience trying to find childcare for my two young children. After going through many care providers who weren’t right for us, we finally found our perfect match, and the difference became clear to me: there’s good child care, and then there’s great child care. Having the perfect person supporting your family doesn’t just make life easier, it completes your parenting team in a way that can strengthen and deeply enrich your family environment.

At the time I was working in the business world, carefully putting together and managing creative teams to function harmoniously. It was clear to me that this attention to compatibility was what was missing from the placement agencies I had been working with during my search. Using my knowledge of how teams work and my experience as a parent and employer of nannies, I designed a method for predicting compatibility in these relationships that is based on thorough analysis and backed up by experience.

After more than twenty years of using our method to create nurturing relationships, I still insist on being the main contact for all the families that walk through our door. All the families I meet are about to enter a new stage of their lives. Whether they’re welcoming a new child, replacing a beloved care giver, or simply need more support, I am grateful to be able to help them through the transition and find them the care they need.


Before coming to work for CareWorks in 2003, I had worked for over ten years as a nanny. At different times as a nanny I both represented myself, and worked with agencies to find positions. Trying to find positions by myself was frustrating and often fruitless, and when I worked with agencies I often felt pressured to interview with families who weren’t right for me, or to take positions even if the arrangement wasn’t exactly what I wanted.

Throughout that time, I also worked for many families that I loved, and cared for children who will forever have a piece of my heart. I understand the immense commitment that child care requires, and the difficulties and joys that come along with working in someone else’s home. In my work with CareWorks, I translate my past experience into a fierce and compassionate advocacy on behalf of the nannies we work with.

I have been the Placement Coordinator at CareWorks for over ten years, and I still work directly with each and every job seeker we represent. I enjoy getting to know their stories, their passions, and their career desires. I want every person we work with to feel supported and empowered to make choices that are right for them.


Your agency is one-of-a-kind and I always feel taken care of when working with you.

-Nicole G.



Placement Coordinator

I will be your primary contact throughout the process. Since I am often conducting interviews or on the phone, email is usually the easiest way to contact me. Feel free to send a note requesting a specific time to talk. I am happy to try to accommodate!

813 East Gwinn Place
Seattle, WA 98102

Interviews are by appointment only. We DO NOT take drop ins. We schedule personal interviews with each candidate we represent and want to be able to give 100% of our attention to whomever we are meeting with.